Let's make sure our boat doesn't sink!

In an extraordinary festive chaos, BARKA is a celebration of life and a call to hope and conscious freedom. Afro-Colombian percussion, Balkan melodies, dance and circus merrily intertwine in a show filled with delirious energy as well as visual and sensory richness.
GIROVAGO offers you a dancing circus filled with hope in a world where degrowth will become our best ally." Patrick Léonard

"We invite you to sail together, to think again how to make sure BARKA doesn't sink.” Ricard Soler Mallol

Duration : 75 (approx.) without intermission
Directors : Patrick Léonard (7 Fingers of the Hand) and Ricard Soler Mallol
Artistic Director : Juan Sebastian Mejia
General Director : Carmen Ruiz
Technical Director : Juan Sebastian Quiros
Agent : Vincent Messenger de Dolce Vite - info@dolcevitaspectacles.com - +1 514 774-3048

Creation and Production : Girovago, art in motion
Production Team : Julio Miranda, Eli Levinson, Nassica Boukaria

Musical Direction : Aurélien Tomasi et Anit Ghosh
Arrangements : Aurélien Tomasi
Original Music : Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra
Choreographic research : Carmen Ruiz, Sonia Bustos
Dance Advisor : Andrea Niño

Artists :
Juan Sebastian Mejia (Voice and percussion) Carmen Ruiz (Dance) Brittany Gee -Moore(Cyr Wheel and Rope), Alexie Maheu (Chinese Pole), Nathan Biggs-Penton (Juggling), Anit Ghosh (Violin, Guitar, Voice), Aurélien Tomasi (Clarinet and Saxophone), Chantal Urbain (Accordion, Voice), Ivan Bamford (Percussion), Blanche Moisan-Méthé (Tuba), Bertrand Margelidon (Trumpet, Voice)

Created with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and La Tohu, as well as the support in the research stages from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres de Québec, Le Conseil des Arts de Montréal, Le Théâtre Aux Écuries, Le Théâtre Le Paradox and MAI, Montréal Arts Interculturels.

We would also like to thank our families and friends, our ancestors who have brought us here, our present relations who teach us so much, and our children to whom we owe a living future of freedom and joy.

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    Ricard Soler Mallol


    "No matter where we come from, lonely, dreamy or passionate individuals. Come and see! Come on board! In this boat there is room for everyone. We like to celebrate who we are. We invite you to sail together, to think again about how to keep BARKA, our boat, from sinking. Perhaps we need a less ostentatious boat? Because without a boat we will no longer be and we like to celebrate the fact that we are, that life is a dream... "

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    Patrick Léonard


    "BARKA uses the boat as a metaphor for humanity in search of going faster, higher, further, without consideration for the great debacle causes. Wouldn't the euphoria be just as exhilarating if we all go on a more modest boat? GIROVAGO offers you a dancing circus filled with hope in a world where decreasing will become our best ally”

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    Carmen Ruiz

    Dancer and General Direction
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    Juan Sebastian Mejia

    Voice, Percussion and Artistic Direction
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    Aurélien Tomasi

    Clarinet, Saxophone, Arrangements and Music Direction
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    Anit Ghosh

    Violin, Guitare, Voice and Music Direction
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    Chantal Urbain

    Accordion, Voice
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    Ivan Bamford

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    Blanche Moisan-Méthé

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    Bertrand Margelidon

    Trompette and Voice
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    Alexie Maheu

    Circus (Chinese Pole)
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    Nathan Biggs-Penton

    Circus (Juggling)
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    Brittany Gee

    Circus (Cyr Wheel and Rope)
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    Julio Miranda

    Communications Manager

Mario Cloutier, La Presse, 8 juillet, 2022

«BARKA»: joyeux bordel
Léa Villalba, Le Devoir, 7 juillet, 2022

Chapiteau Trèfle, 2022

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